Have you ever heard omeone say

I just saved a ton of money on PRODUCT that were on sale for AMOUNT
They didn't save money, they spent money assuming they didn't actually need what was purchased. On the other hand, I have flipped a number of items for a sizeable profit because I purchased a popular item substantially below list price. I purchased it soley to resell. The problem is that if you have to spend a lot of time searching for the deal then you aren't really getting good value for your investment. That's why I created this section - popular products currently discounted. It also helps when I am in the market for something but don't have a particular brand in mind since the search is based on category and popular results are returned.

I am still getting the hang of the API but these should all be popular products with at least 30% off the list price. For items offered by 3rd party, the price here does not include shipping :-(

The data is refreshed every 4 hours