Fire TV Apps With Recent Price Changes
Title Previous Price Current Price Dates Changed Coins Rating Reviews Description
Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath $2.99 $0.99 2017-09-24 - 2017-09-24 Explore living towns, lush forests, and massive industrial facilities Seamlessly transition between first-person shooter and third-person platfomer Scour your surroundings for live ammo Work with a range of strategies to surprise, stun, lure, blast and bag devious outlaws Meet incredibly odd, funny and smack-talking townsfolk, enemies and natives
Headlines - RSS Feed Reader for TV Headlines - RSS Feed Reader for TV $1.49 $0.99 2017-09-24 - 2017-09-24 Live news, weather, currency rates, and trending hashtags. 11 categories, 60+ sources, and 32 currencies In-Line reader for articles A choice of themes
Three Little Pigs A Play FTV Three Little Pigs A Play FTV $0.00 $1.49 2017-09-23 - 2017-09-23 The story can be either listened to or read without narration. Animations that respond to taps or tickles. Narration and background music.
Jelly Hunt FTV Jelly Hunt FTV $0.00 $0.99 2017-09-23 - 2017-09-23 Three levels of play, from Novice to Intermediate to Advanced. Sea horses for extra life; colorful fishes for extra points; special seaweed jellies for protection; mermaid Star for extra lives; Sea King for extra high points. Bright and bouncy music!
Amazing Fireplaces In HD Amazing Fireplaces In HD $1.99 $0.99 2017-09-23 - 2017-09-23 Fireplaces Offline Online Audio Sleep Timer
ORP (Online Radio Player) ORP (Online Radio Player) $0.99 $0.00 2017-09-23 - 2017-09-23 many & many radio stations in english no ads minimum requirements for device stable broadcast
The Jackbox Party Pack 3 The Jackbox Party Pack 3 $24.99 $12.50 2017-09-22 - 2017-09-22 For 1-8 players, plus a participating Audience of up to 10,000! Your phones or tablets are your controllers! 5 fun party games included: Quiplash 2 (3-8 players) Trivia Murder Party (1-8 players) Guesspionage (2-8 players) Fakin' It (3-6 players) Tee K.O. (3-8 players) Special extended-timer feature for streaming games! Family Mode option to avoid the most provocative content.
Afternoon Hero Afternoon Hero $1.99 $1.39 2017-09-20 - 2017-09-21 Sweet graphics Hand tailored levels Short but very fun and satisfying
Diesel Racer 2 Diesel Racer 2 $1.99 $1.39 2017-09-20 - 2017-09-21 Great 3D graphics. Motion Steering Racing(Or controller). Nice car physics. 3 AI controlled enemy cars.
Flat Out Hockey Flat Out Hockey $1.99 $1.39 2017-09-20 - 2017-09-21 Ranked matches agasint AI Online matches via IP 4 characters to select from
Classic Movies Classic Movies $9.99 $0.00 2017-09-20 - 2017-09-20 For less than the cost of a single move, stream hundreds of classic movies, with unlimited on demand access. Large selection of classic movies (800+) No limits on streaming Pick movies from from categories such as: Action and Adventure, Cartoons, Comedies, Documentaries and History, Dramas, Horror and Thrillers, Propaganda and Informational, Romance, Sci-Fi and Fantasy
Prison Run and Gun Prison Run and Gun $1.99 $0.99 2017-09-18 - 2017-09-18 30 levels of action Unlockable weapons Hours of addictive gameplay
Brotherhood of Violence Brotherhood of Violence $0.00 $2.35 2017-09-17 - 2017-09-17 Follow the story with cinematic(s), and deep story telling. Explore 30+ unique environments including more than 400 different stylized opponents from punks, ninja, yakuza and more! Choose from 12 unique fighters or create your own with a deep character editor (features : face, complexion, weight, clothes, accessories and more). Play alone or unlock a companion to help you in your quest.
Quantum Revenge Quantum Revenge $0.00 $2.99 2017-09-17 - 2017-09-17 Pilot and Customize your Mecha 6 different robotic armours and player are available with different abilities and special attacks. Upgrade your armour with different modules like shield, drones and more. Show off skills around the globe: With Amazon Game Circle or Facebook realtime leaderboard, see your progression against the player better ranked than you while you play. High quality graphics and support for latest hardware Realistic physics engine 2D Animation with particles, bone deformation and more Exclusive music track from Goldchimes
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