Value Priced Fire TV Apps
Title Available List Price Price Coins Rating Reviews Description
Simple TV Display (No Sleep Webpage TV) Simple TV Display (No Sleep Webpage TV) 2018-09-14 $9.99 $1.99 0 The easy way to turn your tv into a sign One-time purchase. NO monthly fees Point to any webpage, image or video Save a video or image for offline display Set the page refresh rate if desired The app never falls asleep Perfect for Lobbies, Building Directories, Conferences, Event Screens, Restaurant Menus, Calendars, Displaying Images, foyers & more.
Pompi Caster Pompi Caster 2017-08-11 $3.99 $0.99 0 Android to Android screen mirroring Low latency mirroring Control resolution and quality Stretch mirror or maintain aspect ratio
Three Little Pigs A Play FTV Three Little Pigs A Play FTV 2015-03-03 $2.99 $0.00 0 The story can be either listened to or read without narration. Animations that respond to taps or tickles. Narration and background music.
Sticky Notes Sticky Notes 2015-02-04 $3.00 $0.99 0 With Sticky Notes - you can leave a note on Home page of Fire TV and Fire TV Stick as a remainder that will be displayed everytime Note: This is not a Widget App. The app uses a unique feature called 'Overlay' Available in FireOS for developers to display content in home screen.
GetOuT! EDDY GetOuT! EDDY 2014-11-10 $2.23 $0.99 0 Control your Teddy Bear Physics based puzzle - Unique game play Challenging levels - Race against time 72 pre-designed level & 2 level generator No advertisement, no IAP
Pixel Art TV Pixel Art TV 2014-06-02 $1.99 $0.99 0 Choose from dozens of colors Save images to gallery Delete images from gallery A drawing area as large as your TV
Genius Greedy Mouse Genius Greedy Mouse 2015-09-13 $1.99 $0.99 0 Excellent clay based retina graphics. Contains many simple relaxed maze levels up to hard puzzle based levels (about 150+ levels). This game does not contains any advertisements (unlike Google Play version). The game is losy based on a old retro game with named "XOR", but with smaller levels.
Jelly Hunt FTV Jelly Hunt FTV 2015-03-05 $0.99 $0.00 0 Three levels of play, from Novice to Intermediate to Advanced. Sea horses for extra life; colorful fishes for extra points; special seaweed jellies for protection; mermaid Star for extra lives; Sea King for extra high points. Bright and bouncy music!
Kids TV for Youtube Kids TV for Youtube 2018-08-20 $0.99 $0.00 0 A selection of videos for kids 100% Safe Videos - Best youtube kids shows Kids Youtube videos for Amazon Fire TV U Tube Kids TV Youtube Kids app Free kids videos app Cartoon videos for kids
Cyboid for Fire TV Cyboid for Fire TV 2016-10-20 $1.49 $0.99 0 Intense high-speed 3D gaming on your Fire TV Stick, Fire TV or Fire TV Edition Single player, split-screen for two players and network multiplayer for eight! Incredible graphics, sound effects and vibration (for compatible devices) Multiple skill levels for beginners to experts Amazon Game Circle Achievements and Leaderboards No Advertising! Pulse-pounding original in-game music Supports Touch, Joystick, Gamepad and Keyboard Add-on levels, monsters, weapons, items and more!
Beautiful Beachside view Beautiful Beachside view 2014-11-12 $0.99 $0.99 30 4.4 14 Default and custom music selection Beautiful audio/visual experience High- Resolution audio and soft background music Smooth transitions Meditating and sleep aiding background tracks Sleep timer, brightness, volume and music control
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